Storage & distribution of oils & greases by Belco in Antwerp (Schoten).

Lubricating compounds

Wholesale in oils and greases

We specialise in the purchase, storage, processing and distribution of oils and greases. You can also come to Belco Motor Oil in Antwerp (Schoten) for all possible ancillary products, such as coolant fluid and aerosols, as well. We also take care of the delivery.

Grease without borders

Belco Motor Oil enjoys a good reputation in Belgium and abroad. We owe that reputation to impeccable service and intense compliance with strict environmental regulations. Our product selection is equally unlimited. You will find all of the materials you need for maintenance, degreasing, cooling and lubrication at Belco Motor Oil.


Belco Motor Oil also provides after-sales service. We install units that support the use of oils and greases. Grease pumps, for example, or degreasing installations and oil basins. For large orders, Belco Motor Oil will also make those units available for temporary use. Contact us for more information!

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