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in Schoten (Antwerp)

Delivery lubricants motor & additives motor

Depending on the amount of the ordered goods, we at Belco in Schoten (Antwerp) are happy to offer you a free delivery of motor lubricants and additives by truck or delivery transporter.

Large orders, such as bulk-orders are delivered by truck, because the truck contains a hi-tech pump-installation which makes it possible to pump over the bulked goods into another installation. Large orders are also delivered by truck.

Small orders are delivered by our delivery transporter. This concerns those deliveries of packed units not bigger than a 205 liter barrel (or container).

The time of delivery is set by mutual agreement and is always accurate. Our priority is to deliver the ordered goods as quickly as possible. We always focus on a fast customer-service! Contact us for more information!

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Besides our various product range and flexible customer service, we also offer installations which support and facilitate the use of oils and greases.

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